Tripful X BT21

The “Tripful” is a creative combination of “trip” (meaning travel) and the suffix “-ful” (meaning full of). This term embodies the spirit of their new travel guide, Mookji (Mook誌), which blends the best aspects of magazines (MAGAZINE) and books (BOOK).

BT21 is a group of eight adorable cartoon characters created by the popular South Korean boy band BTS in collaboration with Line Friends, a messaging app company known for its cute character stickers .




Tripful, South Korea






This project is designed for foreign BTS fans and anyone interested in Korean culture and food who wants to visit South Korea.

What did I do?

I worked on a collaborative illustration project with globally popular character BT21 and Tripful magazine to promote Korea’s charms to the world. In the collaborative work, I was responsible for the book cover design and map design.

Seoul Edition

Seoul, a city where diverse forms of life and culture are created. Experience the vibrant cityscapes and traditional charm of Seoul with the BT21 characters!

Jeonju and Wanju Edition

Discover the Beauty of Korea with BT21. From charming Hanok villages to curated bookstores and libraries, and even relaxing healing spaces, there’s something for everyone to enjoy in Korea with the BT21 characters!

Mokpo Edition

Mokpo, a city of Taste, Port, and Art. As the city that first used the name “예향” (meaning “place of art”), Mokpo is home to spaces loved by writers and artists, as well as restaurants where you can taste Mokpo’s representative foods.

Gangneung Edition

Gangneung, a city where new cultures are born. A tapestry of history, new beginnings, and leisurely escapes, Gangneung welcomes locals seeking change, newcomers starting anew, and travelers yearning for a tranquil pace, all contributing to its evolving cultural landscape.

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